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Why Risk Tomorrow? ComplyScore is a robust, web-based GRC Solution that streamlines the process of managing governance, risk management, and compliance. The success of any organization depends heavily on how equipped it is for the future - be it tomorrow or a decade from now. It hinges on having the right systems in place. When the stakes are this high, why risk tomorrow?

Integrated Governance Solutions

Integrated Governance Solutions (IGS) was founded in 2008 on the belief that a revitalization of principled self-governance can move society forward. Whether you are a Fortune 500 corporation, nonprofit service organization or anything in between, we have the practical tools and processes to bring your board oversight, risk management and monitoring disciplines to a whole new level of excellence as an Integrative Governance Ecosystem. Solomon365 is an IGS product.


Feagin and Associates

Feagin and Associates is a management consulting company providing professional services to reduce non-insurable risks and improve Profit & Loss performance. Services include Enterprise Risk Management, Supply-Chain and Project Risk Management, Product Development, Production and Manufacturing Implementation and Optimization. Typical clients include Boards and C-level executives to align priorities and interest around strategy and corporate governance.


Mercury Business Advisors

Mercury Business Advisors provides strategic consulting for companies ranging from Fortune 20 to startup businesses. Think of Mercury as your trusted advisor that is facilitative & consultative in core deliverables related to innovation programs, business strategy and product development. RGS Business Advisors clients can get a 25% discount on Patrick Stroh's latest book on Innovation by using the code "STROHVIP" at this link: Advancing Innovation.


Are you and your team keeping pace? The leadership development services at CorSpective are designed with the busy professional in mind, those who know they want to find their own unique pace and move forward. When enhanced leadership skills are added to your toolbox amazing results spring forth. With greater confidence, you will more fully engage with your coworkers, your employees, your boss, and your clients. A double benefit is realized when you use the tools of elevated confidence which creates a more collaborative team environment that escalates a sense of community. Connected community and greater productivity allows for a positive impact to the bottom line. Imagine thriving in your workplace!


Out of the Woods Consulting is here to draw your board, CEO, and senior management team toward a clear path of governance productivity and synergy. Our experienced team will guide your organization on concerns such as:

  • Governance effectiveness assessments

  • Governance improvement planning and facilitation

  • Policy Governance® installations

  • Policy design and monitoring systems

  • Chair and CEO leadership coaching

Seneca Security is a digital forensics, investigations and e-discovery company that has extensive experience assisting clients in a wide range of matters including internal corporate investigations, criminal and civil litigation, data breaches and more. Our forensics team will discover, preserve, investigate, assess and protect data, providing rapid response to meet the needs of our clients.

We have experience helping law firms and corporations with matters across a variety industries, including financial services, retail, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and life sciences

Talos Enterprises was created in response to the rise of targeted attacks against lightly defended, private and public working spaces. From the Sandy Hook Massacre to the recent attacks in Paris, active shooters and trans-national terror networks have opened a new dimension to enterprise risk management. Our purpose is to provide the private and public sector the means to mitigate these threats through risk consultation, emergency response plan development and active shooter insurance.