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David Seibert - President, RGS Business Advisors

David Seibert - President, RGS Business Advisors

“I enjoy working with clients every day! They accomplish great things and I love seeing the success. I’ve been in their shoes and I know how it feels.”
- David Seibert

David Seibert, President and owner of RGS Business Advisors, is a recognized expert in Enterprise Risk Management. Prior to starting RGS, David gained extensive risk management experience at a large MN credit union, as well as Target Corporation, Lawson Software, and Boston Scientific. David holds an MBA in finance and a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. You can learn more about David at his LinkedIn profile.

David is the only employee at RGS, and while that may not last long, clients currently get the full attention of the founder. RGS has an extensive list of partner firms that we also work with.


Risk, Governance and Strategy

At RGS we recognize that Enterprise Risk Management is a part of a larger ecosystem; one that includes the organization’s Strategy, and the Governance provided by it’s Board of Directors. As an organization strives to achieve it’s strategy, it will take on risk. There is a natural and necessary tension between risk and strategy. Providing oversight, or governance of this tension, is the Board. It is reckless to consider these three disciplines as independent. Recognizing the importance of this three-piece ecosystem and it’s tie to success, we named our company after it. In every engagement, we work with you to properly integrate risk management capabilities with the strategy management process and your board governance.